What Breast Health Center Patients Can Expect

Breast Surgeon Dr. James Clanahan explains what happens when a patient gets help from the Breast Health Center.

"When a patient comes to us, whether it be a breast or other general surgery problem, we want them to feel like they have somebody who is their partner from the day they walk into the office. We want them to know that not only will we identify the problem, be able to help take care of it, get the people involved who we need to, and also see them through whatever it is. That's really what we've established with this team approach.

It's not just with Dr. Bergom, Dr. Aach, and the other surgeons, but it's also with the radiation oncologist next door at Siteman Center, the radiation/medical oncologists at St. Elizabeth, as well as the breast center radiologist and pathologist. It's a team approach. We've tried to integrate all that into what we do here at Lincoln Surgical, particularly when we're dealing with a woman who is understandably concerned when they're coming to see us for this problem. None of us have ever personally gone through breast cancer.

We cannot know personally what that's like. But we've done this for so long now and talked to so many patients to hear what they have to say, we have an idea of what they really would like to have happen when all this is going on. Not everybody's the same and we understand that, but we want to give them the opportunity to feel like we are personally involved in their breast care from day one."