Success Stories

From cancer to hernias, read some of Lincoln Surgical's success stories and find out why our surgical team is so well respected.

Cheryl Draves

From 2009-2014, Cheryl Draves was being closely followed by Lincoln Surgical Associates for left lobe thyroid nodules after having previously undergone right lobectomy for benign disease. Learn more about Cheryl's journey with thyroid cancer.

Cyndi Hasenstab

In December 2013, Cyndi Hasenstab felt a lump in her right breast. She was on a ski trip with her family, and the day after Christmas she discovered the lump. Her doctor’s physician assistant thought it could be a fluid-filled cyst but wanted to have it looked at. Read more of Cyndi's story.

Ken Kubicek

Ken Kubicek first met Dr. D. Scott Crouch when he needed emergency cholecystectomy two years ago. During the surgery, Dr. Crouch noticed the herniation and addressed it before it affected his active lifestyle. Learn more about Ken's proactive surgical case.

Father Fred Radtke

Father Radtke was first diagnosed with melanoma on his arm in 2010 while living and working in Joliet, Illinois. He discusses how Dr. Stacy Stratmann helped put him at ease with his most recent melanoma diagnosis. Read more of Father Radtke's story.

Alan Sheppard

Alan Sheppard, a 67-year-old retired accountant and CFO from Collinsville, was having problems swallowing. His throat issue helped diagnose a deadly colon cancer, which was treated laparoscopically. Read more of Alan's story as he talks about his quick recovery from cancer and how Lincoln Surgical helped him feel better than he has in years.