Liver Surgeries

A liver biopsy is performed to obtain a small sample of liver tissue that will be evaluated under a microscope for signs of damage, liver cancer, or other liver diseases.

Liver Biopsies

Your physician may recommend a liver biopsy if imaging techniques or blood tests indicate a possible abnormality within the liver. A liver biopsy can determine the extent of damage present within the liver, which can help determine the best mode of treatment.

During a laparoscopic liver biopsy, your surgeon will obtain a sample of liver tissue using a laparoscope while you are under a general anesthesia. The biopsy can often be obtained very quickly, and you will be able to return home following the procedure, though you may feel sore for a number of days. The tissue sample that is taken during the biopsy will be evaluated in a laboratory to determine the extent and severity of liver diseases or liver cancer that may be present.

Surgical Treatments

We also offer surgical treatment of liver cysts when needed. When cysts on the liver become large and painful, we can be sometimes treated with laparoscopic surgery.

In situations where laparoscopic procedures are not possible or safe, traditional open surgery will be recommended for a number of conditions within the abdomen.