Important Billing Information

For billing purposes, Lincoln Surgical Associates is not associated with Barnes-Jewish Hospital (Memorial Hospitals) or HSHS St. Elizabeth's Hospital.

Here are the types of bills you may receive following a surgery or procedure with a Lincoln Surgical surgeon:

  • In-office procedure: In addition to a bill from Lincoln Surgical Associates, you may also get a bill from someone reading the biopsy results (pathology), etc. as needed.
  • Hospital procedure: You will receive a bill from Lincoln Surgical Associates; a bill from the hospital; and bills from other entities like anesthesia, radiology, pathology, etc. 

Currently, there is no method for paying Lincoln Surgical Associates invoices or scheduling appointments online. 

Please send all Lincoln Surgical Associates payments to this office or call us to make an appointment:

1414 Cross Street
Suite 330
Shiloh, IL 62269