Breast Biopsy Results

Having to go in for a biopsy of the breast leads to all kinds of uncertainties. So after you've had your breast biopsy, Lincoln Surgical typically receives the pathologist's report within three to five business days and can call you with the results as soon as we have them.

When you have a biopsy, there are three possible results: benign, malignant, or abnormal.

Benign Breast Biopsy Result

A benign biopsy means cancer cells have not been found in the tissue. The video below explains the steps a patient may go through after learning their biopsy is benign.

Malignant Breast Biopsy Result

With a malignant biopsy, cancer has been found in the biopsied tissue, but it's important to remember that every cancer and every patient is different. The video below goes into further detail of what may happen when a patient has a malignant biopsy.

Abnormal Breast Biopsy Result

If the biopsy comes back as abnormal that means the pathologist cannot tell if the biopsy shows cancer or is benign. This happens in less than 5% of cases; however, another more involved biopsy will be needed to collect additional tissue.