Breast Health Team

At Lincoln Surgical Associates, our breast health team is dedicated to meeting the comprehensive surgical needs of our breast health patients.

Our surgeons, nurses, and breast health navigator all collaborate for the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Breast Surgeon and Support

The breast health team includes three breast health surgeons: James J. Clanahan, MD, FACSMichael Bergom, MD, FACS; and Douglas B. Aach, MD, FACS. In addition to performing biopsies, our breast surgeons help put women at ease and create plans for both benign and malignant breast cases. 

Patients are also supported by Breast Nurse/Breast Health Navigator Lisa Leonhardt, RN. Lisa, who works with Drs. Clanahan and Bergom, is available to help patients by answering their questions and making sure they have a clear understanding of their options. 

Breast Cancer Reconstructive Surgeon

In addition to Drs. Clanahan, Bergom, and Aach, Wade Kubat, DO, FACOS, also brings exceptional, compassionate surgical care to our breast health team. His expertise in reconstructive surgery helps women through a very stressful time in their lives. All of our breast surgeons work with Dr. Kubat to provide personalized attention that gets women back to enjoying life as soon as possible.

Lincoln Surgical is dedicated to providing seamless, quality surgical care to our breast health patients.