The Breast Health Center’s Team Approach to Care

The Lincoln Surgical breast health surgeons discuss the practice's team approach to breast health care.

Dr. James Clanahan: For a patient to have the opportunity for potentially three surgeon opinions to work together on their case, I think is very appealing. We enjoy that as well because then we feel like we're giving the best possible options and treatment because we're able to work as a team.

Dr. Douglas Aach: There are surgical, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and endocrine therapy portions of breast care. We're able to sit down and take a look at very complicated problems and hear different ways to handle these sometimes very difficult issues.

Dr. Michael Bergom: I see Dr. Aach almost every time I operate. We're sitting next to each other before and after cases, and we'll talk about cases. On Wednesdays, I'll see Dr. Clanahan, so we've watched each other operate. We certainly learn from each other things that we don't even realize that we do differently, and it's very valuable information to have.