History of the Breast Health Center

Lincoln Surgical Associates' breast surgeons talk about how the Breast Health Center got started.

Dr. Douglas Aach: I joined Lincoln Surgical back in 1991. At that time, there were four of us who were broad-spectrum general surgeons, and we took care of breast patients when asked to do so. Then as time went on, things became specialized. The founding father of our group, Dr. Jay Haynes switched over in the latter part of his career to specifically breast surgery. He started getting that concept going in the community. He did a fabulous job and handed that task over to Dr. Clanahan. Dr. Clanahan has really been responsible for creating the specialization center dealing with breast pathology here in our community. 

Dr. Michael Bergom: I had been up in Wisconsin where I had started a breast program there, but I was alone. I came down to Lincoln Surgical, and I instantly had two amazing colleagues who specialized in breast. I had ideas that I could bounce off of them. If I had questions, I could always ask them. I stepped into a program that was already established but growing rapidly. It was just an amazing opportunity. It was a very good time in my career to have an opportunity like that.

Dr. James Clanahan: Dr. Bergom hit the nail on the head. He'd been in practice, but he'd done exactly what we're doing with a certified program and knew what to do. I understand your feelings about being alone. When you're doing it, it's very hard. You talk to your colleagues elsewhere, but it's not the same as seeing them in the office, the Breast Center, and the OR and being able to discuss things. Dr. Aach and Dr. Bergom have brought new ideas, techniques, and ways to do things that we're incorporating now.