​Umbilical Hernia

An umbilical hernia is a condition where tissue bulges or pokes through the abdominal muscles by the belly button.

The hernia will form noticeable bulge on the abdomen.


​​​Umbilical hernias symptoms may be different than inguinal or ventral/incisions hernias. 

  • A bulge on the abdomen near the belly button
  • Bulge becomes more noticeable when coughing or straining
  • Soreness or pressure

Our team repairs


hernias a year.


If you experience vomiting and a sharp pain in the abdomen that gradually feels worse, you may need immediate treatment for a strangulated hernia. 


Most umbilical hernias are small and congenital, but they may enlarge and cause symptoms with time from obesity, pregnancy stretching abdominal wall, previous surgeries, and repetitive trauma.

​Surgical Treatment

Like inguinal and ventral/incisional hernias, an umbilical hernia can be treated with either open surgery or laparoscopically. Both treatments use mesh to repair the hernia, and our surgeons will determine the approach that is best for your situation.

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