Rectal Prolapse

Dr. Deirdre Hart, colon and rectal surgeon, discusses rectal prolapse.

What is rectal prolapse?

Rectal prolapse is when your rectum is prolapsing or coming out through the anus. People may notice while they're on the toilet that something comes out. They can push it back in or not. It happens in mostly females, but it can also happen in males. Rectal prolapse can be confused with prolapsing hemorrhoids. That's something that on exam we can differentiate.

What are some surgical treatment options? 

Rectal prolapse cannot be repaired medically; it can only be repaired surgically. Be it from the backside where we take out your prolapsing colon and sew it back together or whether we go through the abdomen, take out the redundant colon, and tack or pexy the remaining colon in place.