Plastic Surgery

Lincoln Surgical's plastic surgery believes that open and honest communication with patients is key to providing the results you're looking for—from reconstructive surgery to helping you choose a cosmetic surgery or non-surgical product.

At Lincoln Surgical, we offer a full range of plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures.

Whether you have had an accident or you have a condition that requires plastic surgery, such as breast cancer, or you want to enhance a part of the body you're not happy with, our plastic surgeon is here to work with you for the best results possible.

Breast surgery

In addition, for breast cancer, we can perform a mastectomy and breast reconstruction as a single-stage procedure.

Our team strives to provide excellent, personalized and compassionate surgical care to help each patient achieve their goals. —Dr. Wade Kubat

Cosmetic surgery

Facial surgery

Non-surgical procedures

Reconstructive surgery

If you think you're a candidate for plastic surgery, please give Lincoln Surgical a call today to schedule a consultation.