(Breast Conservation)

A lumpectomy is the surgical removal of a cancerous lump, or tumor. During the procedure, a margin of the healthy tissue surrounding the tumor is also removed.


This procedure is often recommended for women who have smaller breast cancers. Unlike the mastectomy, which requires full removal of the breast, a lumpectomy conserves most of the breast following the removal of the tumor.


Many women are required to undergo a full or partial course of post-operative radiation therapy following a lumpectomy. The lumpectomy is usually a suitable option for most women who have the most common forms of breast cancer.

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This procedures usually requires a general anesthetic, and the length and complexity of the procedure depend upon a number of factors, including the size and location of the tumor. Once the tumor is removed from the breast, the body will naturally fill the wound with a pocket of clear liquid called a seroma. Scar tissue will develop in its place over time, thereby preserving the size and shape of the breast with minimal if any deformity. Lumpectomies are outpatient procedures, and you will usually be able to return home several hours after your procedure.