History of Lincoln Surgical Associates

Lincoln Surgical was established by Dr. Jay W. Haines II in 1979, and the practice has expanded into a team of 11 highly qualified surgeons.

Prior to founding Lincoln Surgical, Dr. Haines had his own practice for seven years and took his own calls every night. "I wanted to have some time off and have a partner," he said. "So in 1986 Dr. [William] Casperson joined me." Both surgeons had trained at Washington University in St. Louis. 

Dr. Haines originally hoped to bring surgeons from Washington University who he knew would be quality people offering standout care to his community. "I've been very fortunate in surgeons who join me that most of the original ones were from the area and had a lot of the same values that I had," he said. "So it worked out very well that we all wanted to work hard and offer good service to the community."

Four of Lincoln Surgical's surgeons have been mentioned in St. Louis Magazine as top surgeons in the area, according to Dr. Haines. "That's pretty hard to do when you're working in Illinois," he said. "That's the kind of quality up and down...every one of them is just top notch."