Meet Dr. Clanahan’s Breast Team

Breast Health Surgeon Dr. Clanahan, Nurse Practitioner Briana Waldeck, and Breast Nurse Lisa Leonhardt collaborate to support their patients through any surgical treatment they may need.

What got you interested in breast health?

Dr. Clanahan explained, "The reason I became interested in breast health is because I see it as a field that's just starting. For obvious reasons, it's been in the forefront for many years, but we're finding so many new things about how to help women with benign disease, and how to treat those with breast cancer, and how to even prevent cancer. People become more aware, and finding women that are higher risk helps them fight cancers's really evolved into finding breast cancer so small that it is so much more curable, but even before that preventing...that's what really has attracted me to the field."

Why are breast patients important to you personally?

Dr. Clanahan said, "It's very gratifying to help a woman who is very understandably concerned and stressed about what may happen through all this. From the time that we meet somebody who has an abnormal mammogram to their benign diagnosis or when they actually get cancer, I have found very professionally and personally gratifying to be a small part of develop a professional relationship with somebody where, based on trust, that you can help somebody along that process."

What is your primary objective when working with patients?

Lisa explains her goal in working with patients, "I think anything we can do to make the process easier...that's what's rewarding and what's worth it. We get told that many times how nice we are to them, how patient we are with them, and always taking the time to listen to them." 

Talk about your nurse practitioner's role at Lincoln Surgical.

Dr. Clanahan discusses Briana's role, "We recently added a nurse practitioner to our practice. The reason we did that is because our practice has been growing, and we'd like to be able to serve even more of our community. Our nurse practitioner is able to screen many of our initial consultations and do some of our standard cancer follow ups. What I have found is that most women enjoy seeing my nurse practitioner because it's another part of their team...she's very well liked."

What's the most rewarding part of your job?

Briana said, "I think making the connection with the patient, just getting to know them on a personal level and then seeing them get through their treatment and being cancer-free."