Bruce D. Jones

Emergency and General Surgeon

Dr. Bruce D. Jones is a general and minimally invasive surgeon with
Lincoln Surgical Associates.

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  • Surgical Training

    Saint Joseph Hospital, Denver, Colorado

  • Certified

    American Board of Surgery

  • Fellow

    American College of Surgeons

Meet Dr. Bruce D. Jones, emergency and general surgeon.

Talk about your background and how you came to Lincoln Surgical.

I'm from Colorado originally, although I went to medical school in Chicago. I finished my residency and practiced in Colorado for a few years. For family reasons, I moved to St. Louis, and I've worked in the area for a while. I was in solo practice and when Lincoln Surgical decided that they wanted to expand and add in the acute surgery model with emergency surgeons, they talked to me. Since I'd known the group and knew that they were high-quality people with an excellent reputation, I took the job.

When do you first recall being interested in medicine?

When I was 17 and I read a Newsweek article about Red Duke, a trauma surgeon in Texas, and I didn't know that existed. I thought, "Well, that would be a nice job to do," and so it was kind of in the back of my mind. 

Do you prefer emergency surgery over other types?

I did it the other way for 15 years, and so I got to the point where I kind of did that for a while. I was interested in a change and doing something a little bit different...something that, it's kind of new...we might be the only group in St. Louis that's doing this model, and so when the opportunity came up I thought I would try it, and it's working out really well.

What are your primary objectives with your patients?

You know, the number one thing is if they get better, I did my job right, that's absolutely got to be the best thing. But then you also want to respect their own wishes and treat them with respect.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the office?

I have two children. I have seven- and 10-year-old boys, and so I do what they want, but I'm also a runner and I bike.

What's something people may not know about you?

I was a U.S. Army paratrooper and went to Africa and worked in Liberia—after the civil war—with Doctors Without Borders.

More about Dr. Jones

Dr. Jones was the first in his family to go to and graduate from college, and he drove an ambulance for two years before returning to school to become a surgeon. 

His goal when working with patients is to get them better and make their experience as pleasant as possible. He finds working in the hospital setting very rewarding when patients get better quickly and are able to go home.

As an emergency surgeon, Dr. Jones sees patients at Memorial Hospital Belleville, Memorial Hospital East, and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.